The Bryan-College Station Retriever Club is:
  • a group of retriever trainers, owners, and people who hunt and live in the Bryan-College Station area, working together to improve our own abilities and those of our dogs while having the best time imaginable.
  • a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of the retrieving breeds
  • associated with the American Kennel Club and hosting annual hunting tests and field trials under the regulations of this organization

But to put it plainly -

We're folks who own retrievers and love them, and usually hunt with them. Somewhere from getting the puppy and hunting, we got caught up in this group, figuring that somebody probably knew a little bit more about making that puppy sit and stay than we did. Surely someone in a retriever club knew how to make a Lab stop (pick one!) digging, chewing, barking, shedding! And possibly someone in this group knew where the ducks and geese were landing, and could take us out hunting some winter morning. And maybe, if we were lucky, we could make some friends who would share some shells, some hot coffee, some goose gumbo, some training tips, and some tall tales...

And we were right.

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Next BCSRC Meeting
And Annual Meeting and Play Day
Tuesday Sat May 12, 2018
Dave Brannon's place
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Here's a map

AKC Judges and Handlers Seminar
Hosted by BCSRC on June 9, 2018, 8:00 am
until 5:00 pm at Adam Royder Masonic Lodge 4028 Church St. College Station, TX 77845
The fee is $35.00 for non-members (fee for BCSRC members will be covered by the club).
Here's a map to the seminar.

As an extra bonus (optional), on Sunday June 10 8:00 am 'til approx noon we will go to the field to give participants an opportunity to judge dogs at all levels along side experienced judges. It will be very informative for both judges and handlers.
Here's a map to the field portion.
Dave Christianson for futher information.

**Upcoming Training Days**

In addition to setting up new Training Days,
BCSRC also voted to aquire permanent training grounds as a benefit for all BCSRC Members.
More info will be posted shortly

BCSRC Free Run Policy
BCSRC has adopted a new policy
regarding Free Run Certificates.
Visit this link to view the PDF file.