Basic Supply List for a New Puppy

Leash - Get a good quality one, you will have it for some time. A light wieght leash will speed training somewhat.

Check Cord - Make your own, go to hardware or boating supply store and get about 25-35 ft. of rope and a good brass clasp.

Flat Collar - Many to choose from. Don't spend too much on the first one the pup will soon out grow it.

Pinch Collar - Much more effective and safer than a choke collar. Easiest way to teach a dog to heel (without pulling your arm out of your socket!).

Bumpers - Can start with socks or towels tied up in knots or paint rollers. Try to have some wing clips stored in the freezer. Canvas dummies also come in puppy sizes. When more advanced training starts use the hard plastic dummies.

Blank Pistol - There are many cheap starter pistols to choose from that are good to start out with, but you may want to invest in a higher quality one.

Crate - This is a must for house breaking and transportation.

Whistle - Several brands available, The Gonia is the most popular, but a good "coaches" whistle will do nicely.

Birds - Nothing builds desire in a pup like having real birds to learn on. Don't worry about them chewing them up early on. Start with pigeons and move up to ducks as the pup gets bigger. Frozen birds work well for training.

What You Need the Most - Patience and plenty of atta boys (or girls) will be the best training tools you ever need. Read all the material you can, watch any videos and ask professional or acknowledgeable amateur trainers questions. Develop a training system that works best for you and your puppy.

Things You Don't Need

Training supplies that come in a kit - You can purchase things separately much cheaper.

Bottled scent - Dogs quickly learn the scent of the bumpers and will learn bird scent from birds.