Events and Activities

Regularly Scheduled events

Spring AKC Hunting Test
The full first weekend in March is usually the time reserved by the AKC for the BCSRC to hold our spring Hunting Test. The last several years we have held the test at Sawdust Ranch (off FM 244 between Carlos and Iola, TX).
We usually hold a Master/Junior on Saturday, and a Senior/Junior on Sunday.

Spring HRC Hunting Test
Our spring HRC Hunting test is typically held the last weekend of March/first weekend in April. Recently they have been hosted by the Kay family on the Kay Ranch in Iola, TX, or Mr Wakefield's Shady W Ranch near Wixon Valley, TX.

They consist of Finished, Seasoned, and Started flights both Saturday and Sunday.

Family Picnic
During the late spring or early summer, the BCSRC gathers for our annual family picnic. This fun filled day usually consists of

  • a training day during the morning
  • picnic lunch (potluck with meat paid for by BCSRC)
  • a short meeting where Club officers for the coming year are elected
  • fun events with our dogs such as a bumper toss, doggy golf, and a speed event called "super single"
  • "Top Gun" skeet shoot

Fall AKC Hunting Test
The second weekend of October is the time reserved by the AKC for the BCSRC to hold our fall Hunting Test. We like to use batallions from the Texas A&M Corp of Cadets for bird techs and their home game schedules dictate the dates we choose, along with availability of hotel accomodations. Hunt test locations may vary depending on the circumstances.
We usually hold a Master/Junior on Saturday, and a Senior/Junior on Sunday.

Fall HRC Quad Upland Test
The past few years we have taken the upland tests out of our spring HRC Hunting Test and moved them to a weekend in November or December that works best around hunting seasons. Usually we have enough entries to conduct a morning and afternoon upland test both Saturday and Sunday. This provides a great opportunity for owners/handlers to get an Upland Hunter title (UH) on their dog(s) in a single weekend with live pheasants. Our Upland tests are always fun and relaxing. We usually provide a free, warm, home-cooked potluck lunch that is mmmm-mmm good! The neatest part is usually the tests are simple and small enough to where everyone can stop and eat lunch together, all in one sitting.

Christmas Party
The December meeting is always a Christmas Party. There is usually a very short meeting, but this is one event that all members look forward to because of the great food and the gift exchange games.

    Unofficial Events normally held during the year

    Most of the members of the BCSRC duck and/or goose hunt during the seasons. Some pheasant hunt in the Texas Panhandle, Kansas, Nebraska, or South Dakota. Frequently, club members become hunting partners. We try to organize at least one guided group hunt for ducks and/or geese per year for our Club members.

    Events Regularly Scheduled during the year

    Training days and Play-days
    Various times throughout the year the club holds informal training days, also known as play-days. Members can exchange training tips and help each other run through various training drills. "Official" play-days are usually held on Saturdays (for obvious reasons) with the time varied to avoid the summer heat. Members often get together for unofficial play-days on their own to help each other train.

    Training grounds
    For years the BCSRC leased property for members to train their dogs on, but we later found very few members took advantage of the grounds. In 2007 we voted not to renew the lease and use the money that would have been spent for other member activities. We are fortunate that many of our members have property ideal for training and always welcome others to join them. We will entertain the idea of leasing property again when or if the need arrives.

    Events held in past, but not regularly scheduled

    Paid-for Guided Goose Hunt
    Sometime during goose season (beginning of November until late January) the BCSRC rewards those club members who have proven to be dedicated to the club. Those members who have

  • worked every day of both hunting tests
  • attended over 50% of club meetings
  • served on a committee or as a board member
    are entitled to participate in a guided goose hunt, paid for by the club. This is a picture (224 Kb) of the 1998 BCSRC goose hunt, which took place just south of El Campo, TX on January 24, 1998.

    For the 1999 year, the BCSRC rewarded those members by paying for a goose lease with Texas Waterfowl Outfitters.

    As the years passed, our wives started getting more involved in Club activities. In January of 2005 the BCSRC rewarded it's hard working members with another paid-for guided goose hunt at Coastal Wings in the Bay City area. While the guys were out lying on their backs in the mud the wives were back at the lodge playing cards, talking 'bout girly things, and being pampered by the house chef. Here's a picture from that great trip.

    Dog Triathlon
    In January 1995 the club held the first annual BCSRC Dog Triathalon. This event consists of clay target shooting and a live pigeon shoot. The dogs were graded on their marking ability and their capability of running a blind. The goal of the Dog-a-thon is to have fun and the participants really don't care who wins as long as they are able to enjoy themselves. The Dog-a-thon was a great success and plans are underway to make this an annual event.

    Canine Good Citizenship Test
    In the past, the club has sponsored an AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. This is a relatively simple evaluation in which a dog can demonstrate that it is a 'good citizen'. A dog need not be registered, nor even purebred, in order to participate in this event.