Club Policies & Forms

This page has a slightly different purpose than most of the BCSRC website. The purpose of this section is to make certain forms available that are used by various BCSRC club members. Some of these forms are Adobe ".pdf" files and can be used directly from your web browser. Others are Microsoft Word documents that are meant for you to download to your computer (right-click on the link and select Save Target As..).

Note that you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view or print Adobe Acrobat "pdf" files. It's a free program, and is used for forms all over the 'net.

Letterhead.doc Basic LetterHead for BCSRC correspondences
AttendanceSheetTemplate.docx Blank Attendance Sheet for meetings
MinTemplate.docx Blank template for meeting minutes
memapp.pdf BCSRC Membership Application
BCSRCMarshal2014.pdf Duties of the Hunt Test Marshal
Free Run Policy.pdf BCSRC Free Run Policy for entering a dog in a hunt test
OrderForm-KentCartridge.doc Order Form for ordering poppers from Kent Cartridge