Photos & Report of 2002 Christmas Parade & Party

For the first time ever, the BCSRC had an entry in the Holiday Parade. The parade started out on the campus of Texas A&M University and proceeded north down Texas Ave. into Bryan. The participants in the parade were: Chris & Dalene Barnes, Dale, Cindi & Cullen Tolmsoff; Steve Sadler, Dave Brannon, Brian Neumann, and Summer Riedberger. The theme of the Holiday Parade was "The Spirit of Christmas in America" - and since most of us duck hunting is a big part of most of our Christmas holidays, the BCSRC float was a duck blind and pond.

The entire parade group

Chris Barnes & Cullen Tolmsoff take a quick break

Cindi Tolmsoff "decorates" Mason

Steve Sadler & Cullen Tolmsoff put on finishing touches

Brian Neumann & Summer Riedberger take center stage

The undisputed "star" of the float - Mrs. Kitty (owned by the Tolmsoff's)

The 2002 Christmas party was held on Friday, December 13 at the home of Joannie & Carroll Miller. We had a great turnout with about 25-30 people in attendence. As per usual, the food was spectacular, the meeting was short & sweet, and the gift exchange generated lots of laughter. But most of all, a good time was had by all.

Dave & Vicki Christenson welcome Rane Cunningham to the party

Dalene Barnes & Angela Lyles talk about 'something'

Dave Brannon & Dale Tolmsoff get away from the crowd in the kitchen

Tracey Sadler talks with Bryan Neumann & Summer Riedberger as Steve Sadler is oblivious

Jason Cunningham attacks the hors-d-hors

Cindi Tolmsoff feins supprise at being caught on camera

Steve Cunningham & Charles Payne prepare the main course

Dave & Vicki Christenson and Sherri Payne wait for the dinner bell

Tracy Sadler suspects she's being watched

Chris Barnes appears to be too busy talking to eat, while others pretend to be entertained

The buffet line is a popular place!

The lucky few who 'got' the dinning room table

More dinning room diners

Waiting their turn to steal a gift!