Pictures from the Spring 2002 HRC Hunt Test

Here are some pictures pictures taken from the Spring 2002 HRC Hunt Test at the Perrone Ranch in Hearne, TX.

Club members at the Judges dinner

Judges Dinner

What are you telling them now Chris?

Crowd at the Judges Dinner

Best Buddy Judges

Judge Robert Hines making fun of the hot pink cover on the catalogs!

Tom Pool and Rodney House

Club memebers running Upland

Upland Gallery

Steve and Rane Cunningham finally getting a break

Dennis Crain enjoying his lunch

We had a lot of young puppies this test

Amy Thompson loves to do Puppy Stakes

Puppies and owners waiting their turn

Just think what he can do with TWO arms!

Handing out ribbons

The beer dog has finally run!

DId I win the shot gun?

Well, then who did win the shot gun?

Someone finally took the Golden Retriever desk calendar!