Photos & Report of 2002 Spring Picnic

The annual BCSRC Spring Picnic & Playday took place at Dr. Dave's ranch. Many, many thanks to him for his hospitality.

The morning started off with a relaxed dog training session. This year, we had "bumper boy" bird throwers in the field, alieviating us of the need to have people throw the birds. This allowed everyone to relax and watch all the dogs work.

Around noon, we headed up to Dr. Dave's house for lunch. This year was the best ever. Dr. Dave grilled pheasant filets and prepared the side fixin's (potato salad, beans, sausage, etc), and Dalene baked pheasant cordon bleu. The pheasants were those that we shot (and cleaned) at the HRC upland test back in February. Massive kudos to the chefs for their hard work.

Since everyone was gathered around the porch for lunch, we took the opportunity to hold our monthly club meeting, which consisted of the officer & board elections for the following year. The results of the elections are in the Official Meeting Minutes.

Following the elections, the (real) awards were held to honor those who acheived significant accomplishments during the past year (ie. they put titles on their dogs). There are too many to mention in this report, but suffice it to say that our club had a good year. Chris & Dalene Barnes were honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for their years of dedicated service to the BCSRC.

The Gag Awards followed. These "winners" were:

Loose duck catcher (small fishing net) Steve & Rane Cunningham
Will I do WHAT again next year (personalized clipboard) Charles & Sherry Payne
Most likely to provide new Waterfowl Technician (camo baby blanket) Doug & Amy Thompson
Most likely to go scuba diving AGAIN (sun screen & kid-type goggles) Dr. Dave
You can't serve THAT at a Hunt Test... can you? (Lasagna noodles & sauce)   Dale & Cindi Tolmsoff
How deep were those decoys (cheap polyurethane waders) Larry Robinson
Don't forget to come see us
      Bryan-College Station map - funnier because he wasn't there!
Rody & Kristen Best
It's only ankle deep (yardstick) Phil Riggs
Orvis Man-o-the-year (Orvis catalog) Tom Pool

And last but not least....
Which side of the law are you on, anyways?
    (double sided 'Get out of Jail'/'Go to Jail' 8"x11" card)
Dennis Crain

The Hunter's Vechile Scavanger Hunt was a very close competition, with the team of Chris Barnes & Steve Cunningham having the dubious distinction of having the most junk in their trucks, missing only 5 of the listed items. They split the prize of a dozen new training bumpers.

For the Super Singles competition, the cover was very high, and the wind was very light, meaning only those dogs that marked the bumper VERY well had good run times. Those that had to hunt for the bumper usually had times twice that of the dogs in contention. Chris Wise won the super singles, with one of Carroll Miller's dogs & Pat McHale's dogs in close competition.

The Pistol Pete Memorial Bumper Toss was very exciting. Both Chris Wise & Dalene got 2 of their 3 tosses into the water trough in the first elimination round. After several rounds of a "toss off", it came down to "closest to the trough". Chris put his about 2" short of it; Dalene bounced hers off the trough, but it ended up about 6" away. Chris was declared the winner, but relinquished his title because "he couldn't complete his winner duties" (ie. he's moving and may not be around to defend next year), so Dalene has the trophy until next year.

The Annie Oakley Skeet Tournament came down to the 3 round robin winners of exDr. Dave, Pat McHale, Larry Robinson, plus the winner of the "loser's bracket", Dennis Crain. In the end, exDr. Dave ended up beating Dennis for the trophy.

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