Pictures from Fall 2003 BCSRC Events

Fall AKC Hunt Test

Dennis Crain prepares to run a dog while Amy Barnes "marshals"

Vicki Christianson & Steve Cunningham setup their Junior test

Dale Tolmsoff being a gormet chef

Jason Cunningham gasps for air during the "lunch rush"

The Junior Judges pose proudly

Lisa Trudell is "rewarded" for earning a title.

Steve & Rane Cunningham at the end of the day

BCSRC Members at Lonestar HRC test

Chris Barnes is "rewarded" for his Seasoned title

Cindi Tolmsof receives her "reward" from Janet Kimbrough ...

...then Cindi applies a little retribution back to Janet

Pat McHale begins his "reward" from Chris, Dale, & Cindi...

... and then finishes up, taking it like a man!

Pat, Chris, ∓ Dale show off the REAL rewards

Christmas Parade & Float

Right side of BCSRC float

Left side of BCSRC float

Float builders pose next to their creation

Dave Brannon & "Doc" explain the value of duck hunting

Cindi Tolsoff shows off "Miss Kitty"'s obediance as the club pros look on

Dennis Crain shows off why Jeff Foxworthy would be proud of "Sasha"