Photos & Report of 2003 Spring Picnic

The annual BCSRC Spring Picnic & Playday took place at exDr. Dave's ranch (just like it does every year). Many, many thanks to him for his hospitality.

The morning started off with a relaxed dog training session. This year, we were located at the "top pond" for a relatively simple set of marks in the water to allow the dogs to get wet.

Around noon, we headed up to Dr. Dave's house for lunch. This year was the best ever. Dr. Dave fried pheasant filets; Dalene baked pheasant cordon bleu; and several club members brought a wide range of side dishes. The pheasants were those that we shot (and cleaned) at the HRC upland test back in February. Massive kudos to the chefs for their hard work. Angella Lyles brought a birthday cake for her husband, Tony, who looked much older and wiser.

Since everyone was gathered around the porch for lunch, we took the opportunity to hold our monthly club meeting, which consisted of the officer & board elections for the following year. The results of the elections are in the Official Meeting Minutes.

Following the elections, the (real) awards were presented to honor those who achieved significant accomplishments during the past year (ie. they put titles on their dogs). There are too many to mention in this report, but suffice it to say that our club had a good year. This year the Board of Directors decided to award a "Rookie of the Year" to those new club members who jumped right in and participated. This year, the award was shared between 2 memberships who, although they were new, attended every club meeting, worked at all 3 hunt tests, and helped make this club great. The Rookie of the Year winners for 2002-2003 are:
          Brian Neumann & Summer (soon to be Neumann) Reidberger
          Nathaniel Cook

The Gag Awards followed. These "winners" were:

"Most Able to Wear Multiple Hats"
(floppy hat w/ "secretary" on 1 side, "treasurer" on other)
Dalene Barnes
"Stud of The Year"
(treated 2x4)
Kenton Brannan
"Most Likely to Wear Camo at their Wedding"
("Wedding Cake" figures w/ camo)
Brian Neumann & Summer Reidberger
"Most Likely to Join a Golden Club"
(Membership to Golden retriever club of his choice)
Dave Brannon
"Best Vocal Skills"
(Cheerleader's megaphone)
Cindi Tolmsoff
"Can you Hear me Now?"
Dale Tolmsoff
"The Pitter Patter Pitter Patter Pitter Patter (etc.) of Little Feet Award"
(20 mini rawhide bones)
Dave & Vicki Christianson
"Most Likely to Miscount Tuesdays"
(2003 Calendar w/ 3rd Tuesdays marked)
Pat & Michele McHale
"Most Consistent at a Meeting Award"
(laminated agenda w/ 2 items)
Charles Payne
"Most Adaptable to Un Employment"
(hand written sign on cardboard saying "will train dogs for food)
Dennis Crain

The Hunter's Vehicle Scavanger Hunt was a very close competition, with the McHale/Cunningham team having the dubious distinction of having the most junk in their trucks, followed by the Barnes/Tolmsoff team in 2nd. First place divided up 8 boxes of HeviShot, while 2nd place divided 1/2 dozen new training bumpers.

For the Super Singles competition, the cover was very high, but the wind was good, meaning most dogs had pretty good times, but only thost that marked the bumper VERY well had great run times. For a long time, Lauren Hayes' dog "Steel" had the best time, but was unseated by Steve Cunningham's "Boss" with a sub-20 second time. Then Dave Christianson had 2 dogs turn in excellent times ("Sassy" & "Jive"), taking home 2nd and 3rd place.

The Pistol Pete Memorial Bumper Toss was very exciting. After the first round, a three way tie had Vicki Christianson, Brian Neumann, & a guest whose name I don't recall existed with each of them putting 2 of their 3 tosses into the water trough. The guest declined to participate in the "toss off", and Vicki Christianson defeated Brian to become the winner.

While the Pistol Pete Memorial Bumper Toss and Super Singles were going on, a pheasant hunt took place in the creek bottom in front of Dave's house. While this wasn't a competition, it was loads of fun (just look at the pictures below).

The Annie Oakley Skeet Tournament is a mystery since I didn't stay for it this year. Someone else will have to tell me what happened.

Pat McHale "congratulates" Dalene on the title her dog achieved during the year...

and then watches as Chris finished the job!

Vicki Christianson shows of her winning form

All of the winners of the events pose

Vicki now preparing for the pheasant hunt

Club members watch patiently as they wait....

their turn for the pheasant hunt.