Pictures from the 1998 Christmas party

These are the pictures that were taken by Dr. Dave and Carroll Miller at the 1998 BCSRC Christmas party. The party took place at Joannie & Carroll's house.

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Amy Barnes posing on the stairs

Kimberly Barnes posing on the stairs

Bethany & Kimberly Barnes opening Christmas presents

Carroll Miller, Rody Best, Ben Bunker, & Warren Jatzlau's back in the kitchen telling tall tales

Chris Barnes, Ben Bunker, & Lee Vormbrock on the living room floor during the gift exchange

Chris & Dalene Barnes with their mouth's full

Chris, Dalene, & Bethany Barnes finishing dinner

Chris Barnes, Lee Vormbrock, Terry Daniel, James & Terry Carpenter wait their turn during the gift exchange.

Wayne Bumgarnder, Jennifer Hillis, Warren & Amy Jatzlau, Dalene Barnes, & Terry Daniel during the gift exchange.

Amy & Warren Jatzlau in the living room

Joannie Miller, Wayne Bumgardner, Jennifer Hillis, Warren & Amy Jatzlau pose for picture

Joel & Suzy Adams with their son; Carey Beason stuffs his face

Carey & Stacey Beason, Kenton Brannon, James & Linda Carpenter laughing in the kitchen

Ben Bunker sitting on the living room floor

Lee Vormbrock Joannie Miller eating

Michelle Gerich, Bethany Barnes, & Amy Jatzlau having fun

Michelle Gerich wonders about the camera

Suzy Adams feeds her (reluctant?) son on the stairs

The new BCSRC president enjoys his power!

Wayne Bumgardner & Jennifer Hillis show how fun the BCSRC is