Final Retrieves

This page is dedicated to those friends who are no longer with us. It expresses the sadness of their passing, the joy we experianced while they were here, and the hope that we will see them again in the next life.

HRCH Super Kwik Pic MH, "Lotto" ( 07/11/96 - 04/22/08)
Written by Vicki Christianson

HRCH UH Cornerstone's Petros SH (10/4/94- 3/31/06)
Written by Chris Barnes

Millercreek DG's Last Chance aka HRCH MCK's Golden Chance (9/8/90-5/21/04)
Written by Lisa Trudell

Possum (8/ /87-3/26/04)
Written by Pat McHale

HRCH UH Bama's Legendary Coach Bear MH (9/16/92-12/8/03)
Written by Kenton Brannan

HR Sonny's Yellar Dawg Dixie SH (4/1/88-2/19/02)
Written by Chris Barnes