Millercreek DG's Last Chance
HRCH MCK's Golden Chance


Chance died at home today, with me holding his head and telling him how much he was loved. He didn't suffer, and there was no vet with a needle - it was just his time to go. I didn't tell him how lost I was going to be without him. His coat was almost white - no longer the glistening red - the one that some people thought I sprinkled gold dust on. But even as he died, I saw the puppy, the vivacious youngster, and the mature male that he had been. He couldn't hear a word I said, but the heart doesn't need words to hear.

I picked him out the minute he was born. He was the reddest male, and when he arrived in the world, I said this was the one. I even had his name picked out (for those who don't know, the DG stands for Damned Golden - one of Miller's favorite phrases at the time). But he was anything but. Chance was a teaching dog - I learned about hunting tests, I learned about e-collars, I learned about handling. Ane he was kind enough to forgive me all the mistakes I made and start over from scratch. Chance was a training dog - many of my clients learned how to work obedience using Chance. Many of them learned about gun dogs and handling by practicing with Chance.

He was a hunting dog - the first time I dove hunted was Chance's first time, too. Until Miller finally took pity on him and shot a dove, Chance thought hunting was a longggggg sit stay with lots of no birds! We went duck hunting at Somerville one year and he was so covered with cockleburrs that I had to shave him - but he refused to be left behind the next morning.

Chance was a goodwill ambasador - there was never a place he lived that kids didn't come over to ask if Chance could come out and play. He got along with cats, dogs, puppies and even ducks. As a youngster he used to come with me to feed the ducks morning and night. He'd swim amidst all the ducks at Miller's and never harmed a one. He helped me raise many a puppy.

I was always so proud of Chance, he was many things to me, but most of all he was my best friend. Perhaps, my best friend and I will meet again someday........

Lisa Trudell